Maspalomas Summer Fiesta


Bored of the same old holiday? Wish there was something a little bit fresh and new? Fed up of the British Summer Weather?

The four day weekender, could be billed as an 18-30 club style holiday, but its so much more than that. All ages will find it refreshing

Well, Summer is definitely happening in Gran Canaria. In Fact in August its peak time, blue skies everyday, golden sandy beaches, with warm water lapping at your toes. Who could not want to spend a hotel in brilliant sunshine, a holiday with a twist?


What´s the twist we hear you cry? Visit Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, for the inauguration of the new Maspalomas Summer Fiesta. Imagine, an eclectic mix music, sunshine, international people, gogos, parties, boat cruises … need we say more? This is the start of some major clubbing scene development in Gran Canaria.


The four day weekender, could be billed as an 18-30 club style holiday, but its so much more than that. All ages will find it refreshing, with a programme of daytime and nighttime activities on offer, or you could just be completely chilled and spend a full week here actually getting a suntan, to show off for your return home.


Maspalomas is World famous for its LGBT Scene, with the Yumbo Centre sitting merrily in the heart of the south of the island. This mecca of Gay tourism has everything the LGBT tourist needs. Comedy Drag Bars, Lounge Bars, Discos, fantastic restaurants, men only bars complete with darkrooms and cruising areas…its all here! Even better when we drop an entire festival on top of it!


So, this festival! Each night hosts an event, based around the Club Lounge Bar, KISS FM. There is a GLOW party, MISTER & MISS KISS FM Maspalomas Competition Night, traditional club sets, international DJS, after-parties, before-parties lol. There are holidays to be won, swimwear, products and more. There’s even a comical talent night, just incase you cant manage 4 hard nights in a row! (Come on, we are sure you party 4 nights in a row!!)


Daytimes offer a massive Pirate ship boat cruise, pool parties, beach fiesta and games/activities. Late afternoon bar crawls, take you into the party spirit for the nights. You wont need to pack much, your trunks, clubbing gear, GLOW stuff, your flip flops and toothbrush.


The concept is simple! Why fork out for an expensive weekender in the Mediterranean, expensive clubs, expensive food etc. Gran Canaria because it has tourism all year round can afford to keep the prices real! Most clubs are free, the night time events are free! Cheap flights, cheap accommodation, cheap drinks, free SUNSHINE! It cant be beaten.