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What’s New for 2015 ?

Following an incredibly successful year in 2014, we thought we´d take a moment to reflect and to share.


Last year, we held the most successful Maspalomas Fetish week yet. Tourism in October to the island has never been better. Partnerships with Recon and Into the Tank continue to thrive, and 2015 looks set to be even bigger again. The dates are out: 9th – 15th October. Check us out on Facebook: Maspalomas Fetish Week. The special beauty of Maspalomas Fetish Week is that it brings together so many of the Yumbo´s businesses, in collaborations that truly benefit the whole centre.


We launched Maspalomas Summer Fiesta, in August 2014, and although only 3 days of events, the whole project was a huge success. The highlight was the packed Pirate Boat trip, and insane parties at Kiss Lounge Bar. This year, The Maspalomas Summer Fiesta has moved to July, so we can expand the programme. The key dates are: 24th, 25th and 26th July, but there will be smaller events either side of those dates. Follow us on Facebook: Maspalomas Summer Fiesta.


Also new from us, was the fantastic Miss and Mister Maspalomas competition which we created in August. A completely new style of event for us saw over 125 applications from men and women vying for the Crown and titles. The successful winners, Ulises Garcia and Natalia Maitland, are also shortlisted for the final of Miss and Mister Las Palmas. This project was created to enhance and work more closely with the Local islanders.


In December at the Annual GLAY Awards, IGON picked up 5 awards. This Year IGON received the Community Award for recognition of its work for promoting Tourism, additionally we won Sex Venue of the Year for Bunker Bar, Gay Complex of the Year for Basement Studios, Dj of the Year for DJ Lori at Kiss Lounge Bar and Lesbian of the Year for Jess, in Kiki. A fantastic achievement for the businesses and staff, and one that truly reflects the diversity of our businesses.



And coming right now, is BEAR CARNIVAL. 10 days of packed activities, for, yes, the Bears of the LGBT Community. All the info is available on , and this exciting new project, will be the feature of our first event Blog, coming at you very soon ! February 28th – March 8th. Its going to be amazing !


Maspalomas Summer Fiesta

Bored of the same old holiday? Wish there was something a little bit fresh and new? Fed up of the British Summer Weather?

The four day weekender, could be billed as an 18-30 club style holiday, but its so much more than that. All ages will find it refreshing

Well, Summer is definitely happening in Gran Canaria. In Fact in August its peak time, blue skies everyday, golden sandy beaches, with warm water lapping at your toes. Who could not want to spend a hotel in brilliant sunshine, a holiday with a twist?


What´s the twist we hear you cry? Visit Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, for the inauguration of the new Maspalomas Summer Fiesta. Imagine, an eclectic mix music, sunshine, international people, gogos, parties, boat cruises … need we say more? This is the start of some major clubbing scene development in Gran Canaria.


The four day weekender, could be billed as an 18-30 club style holiday, but its so much more than that. All ages will find it refreshing, with a programme of daytime and nighttime activities on offer, or you could just be completely chilled and spend a full week here actually getting a suntan, to show off for your return home.


Maspalomas is World famous for its LGBT Scene, with the Yumbo Centre sitting merrily in the heart of the south of the island. This mecca of Gay tourism has everything the LGBT tourist needs. Comedy Drag Bars, Lounge Bars, Discos, fantastic restaurants, men only bars complete with darkrooms and cruising areas…its all here! Even better when we drop an entire festival on top of it!


So, this festival! Each night hosts an event, based around the Club Lounge Bar, KISS FM. There is a GLOW party, MISTER & MISS KISS FM Maspalomas Competition Night, traditional club sets, international DJS, after-parties, before-parties lol. There are holidays to be won, swimwear, products and more. There’s even a comical talent night, just incase you cant manage 4 hard nights in a row! (Come on, we are sure you party 4 nights in a row!!)


Daytimes offer a massive Pirate ship boat cruise, pool parties, beach fiesta and games/activities. Late afternoon bar crawls, take you into the party spirit for the nights. You wont need to pack much, your trunks, clubbing gear, GLOW stuff, your flip flops and toothbrush.


The concept is simple! Why fork out for an expensive weekender in the Mediterranean, expensive clubs, expensive food etc. Gran Canaria because it has tourism all year round can afford to keep the prices real! Most clubs are free, the night time events are free! Cheap flights, cheap accommodation, cheap drinks, free SUNSHINE! It cant be beaten.


David Dale Has Arrived at Ricky´s Cabaret Bar

The audiences are loving it! If the shows were good before, 10/10… they’re somewhere even higher now. Ricky’s is over the moon ! The staff are buzzing on a natural high from the sheer enthusiastic feedback of the audiences, tourists and locals. David has taken the absurd, the original, the camp and the team of Ricky’s, mashed it up and pulled out all their strengths to truly make this an outstanding night out!

Something new is afoot in Gran Canaria. Forget your idea of traditional British style Drag Bars in Playa del Ingles. 10 years on, Ricky’s Cabaret Bar are still innovating and pushing the boundaries!

David Dale has landed, and together with the show-stopping team at Ricky’s, you should be prepared to be blown away.

You’re confused ?? let us explain.

We all know and love Ricky’s Cabaret Bar. It is one of the longest running businesses in the Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles. Over the years, many names have been made there, and many famous names have visited there! It is one of the corner stones of the Yumbo Centre, along with several other fine businesses.

The shows have always been popular, filled with teeth and tits, true camp glamour. It’s a sure bet, for a good night out. So… how can it get even better?

Well, instead of just a fleeting visit by a ‘name’ from the UK, Ricky’s has landed one onto the actual island, performing nightly David Dale. Immediately new routines abounded, new sketches, new ideas, unseen characters etc. A whole new bag of drag has emerged and is flourishing!

20739_281723541808_2448434_nDavid Dale, more or less started drag at the age of 16 and next year, will be his 40th anniversary. Initially David wanted to be an actor, but after blagging an audition for over 21s, David landed his first adult Drag role, and from then, he simply kept his career moving. Previously, he could be seen in Rob Mooney’s Bugsy Malone and Oliver films, as well as the Artful Dodger at the age of 13 in Londons West End. Because of his theatrical education, he is seen by many more as a performer than a drag artist. He was one of the Bafta nominated actors, followed in the 1984 tv show, the day by day account of a Drag Artist, lending his skills to songs that were actually specifically written for the show. Choosing not to go to drama school as a young adult, he preferred to work and develop his own ideas. In 1984, David won the Capital Gay Award for Entertainer of the year.

After his initial childhood successes, he joined up to a 2 year touring production of The Rocky Horror Show, of which his cast were the first to premiere the show in Israel, as well as touring most of Europe. There was also an 8 week stint in Eastenders, as a Social Worker by day, and a Drag Queen by night. Choosing to not be stereotyped, David rejoined a 2nd tour of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and afterwards created his own company, Group Therapy. Partnering up with such names as Lily Savage, the company was a huge success, across Europe and America, culminating in San Francisco. The company recreated 15 shows, based on pantomimes and musicals, where the men played all the characters. After this, David became the costume designer for Lily on TV’s Blankety Blank, before creating another touring company, called, Central Space. Again all male productions, but not necessarily drag. Some of this new work, was more serious than previous show, and ‘BENT’ in particular shone, winning accolades and awards.

Further projects in Miami and Musicals in the West End followed, with ‘Y’ at the Piccadilly and ‘Hot Stuff’ at the Cambridge theatre. More tours and more shows, kept David whirl winding around the world. Choosing to settle, David was appointed Theatre Director at the El Giva Theatre for 5 years, and as well as writing and producing a plethora of shows, he also brought in other companies and works to diversify this popular theatre. In 1991, he produced ‘Pink for a Boy’, winning the award for best production at the Edinburgh Festival, which led to a tour of the show.

Most recently, David moved to Jersey, and created a theatre restaurant, that ran for 5 years. The creative process continued, with new shows, events and programmes. But, never one to be in one spot too long, David prefers to move around and revisit past haunts, to help re-kindle businesses. In a way, a form of modern touring !

So how did David end RICKY'Sup here in Gran Canaria ? well, Penny, co-owner of Ricky’s Cabaret Bar, has been a long time fan of David, and following on facebook etc. After seeing David’s advertisement for Warm Winter Work, Penny offered the idea of a winter season in Gran Canaria. Having never been to the island, David saw it as a new opportunity, and the proof of its success is now in the pudding. Of course the pudding is the shows, which have transformed from solo acts, dance routines and camp comedy, into all of that and more, cleverly and creatively stitched together into production style shows, with ensemble numbers, new costumes and modern ideas.

The Result ? The audiences are loving it! If the shows were good before, 10/10… they’re somewhere even higher now. Ricky’s is over the moon ! The staff are buzzing on a natural high from the sheer enthusiastic feedback of the audiences, tourists and locals. David has taken the absurd, the original, the camp and the team of Ricky’s, mashed it up and pulled out all their strengths to truly make this an outstanding night out! The staff describe him as inspirational. The tourists are simply loving the whole Ricky’s family experience. What more can a business ask for, already a great team of performers, waiters, bar staff etc, now riding high on being the fore-runner of the most modernized drag shows on the island.

Best get there early for a good seat ! Proper job done !