Who is IGON Canaries SL (Media and Events)?

We are a subsidiary of a company with 3 Businesses in the South of Gran Canaria. (Bunker Bar, Kiss Lounge Bar and Basement Studios). The Media department was created to produce promotion and publicity for the businesses originally. However the cost of advertising on the island and off the island was expensive. We decided to open up IGON Media to other businesses, to share space on the advertising pages, to reduce costs.

We also learned that more businesses working together gave a better and wider impression of Gran Canaria. Over the last 6 months, we have established a working partnership of more than 40 other Businesses in the South of Gran Canaria.

IGON is also responsible for three large scale key community events. IGON Events, working always in partnership with other local businesses.

  • Maspalomas Summer Fiesta – August 29th – September 1st 2014
  • Maspalomas Fetish Week – October 13th – October 19th 2014
  • Maspalomas Bear Carnival – February 28th – March 8th 2015

We are also partners of Pride Maspalomas, Maspalomas Carnaval, Summer Splash, Winter Splash and German Carnaval.


So, what does IGON Canaries S.L actually do ?

At present, IGON, is working in collaboration with 4 differing Gay/LGBT Magazines. Three from the UK and 1 from Germany. We have also organized several features with La Provincia newspaper. The main collaborator with us, is GT (Gay Times UK). It is the leading UK LGBT Magazine.

We bring together different LGBT Businesses, to create a full page advert for the magazines. This allows up to 12 businesses to advertise, at a low cost. The full page is then filled with information that promotes GRAN CANARIA in general. Events, such as Carnival and Gaypride are included either textually or in image to ensure the full page, subliminally enters the memory of the reader. We want the reader to view the page, absorb the information, so that when they think to book a holiday, their memory pulls up the information and images of Gran Canaria.

We are able to offer this page of advertising in each magazine after delicate negotiations with each of the magazines. The reality is we have had to heavily subsidize the project, to make sure it works and keeps going, and because the businesses have such little funds to promote themselves, it has meant we do not charge too much for the work.

Why we do this is simple. We have businesses here in Gran Canaria. We need to protect our interests. Also, we want tourists to be visiting here. From our adverts, many people benefit, from the Airlines, airport, taxis, buses, hotels, restaurants, shops etc. It is impossible that only we benefit. Sometimes having a Gay brain enables us to well promote ourselves.

Our Events, are obvious, lol. Big and small scale events to allow people who prefer certain types of holidays, Fetish, Bear (Woof), Twinks & lads etc (Summer Heat). Of course people visit all year round, but our events are designed for those with specific lifestyle tastes.

We look forward to seeing you here, in Gran Canaria.